Project Financing

The advantages of a Project Financing with Sky Finance.

Sometimes you don’t have enough cash to finance the project of your dreams. Planning a wedding, traveling, changing cars, or doing chores are expensive life projects that sometimes require a Project Financing.

At Sky, we offer you a new 100% online Project Financing experience for the financing of your project; you can sign your contract remotely and directly download your documents required to complete your personal credit report.

This online Project Financing application experience is simple, fast and transparent. A financing solution that allows you to benefit from a particularly attractive fixed annual borrowing rate (or annual percentage rate). Enough to bring your project to life without having to worry about the next day!

What is a Project Financing?

A Project Financing is a credit that is said to be “unaffected”. In fact, the amount borrowed from a Project Financing does not correspond to the precise purchase of a good (car, motorcycle, real estate, etc.). Therefore, the personal loan is not triggered on presentation of an invoice as with “assigned” loans, but simply meets a household cash requirement.

Ultimately, the borrower is free to use the amount of credit as he sees fit, whether for financing a consumer good (car, refrigerator, food, etc.) or for any other service.

This type of credit can be issued either by a bank or by a financing organization specializing in loans.

The repayment of a Project Financing is usually done every month. Its duration, stipulated in the contract, varies according to the amount of the loan and the financial capacities of the borrower. The monthly payments take into account the total amount of the loan and its duration, the APR (annual percentage rate) as well as the insurance, if the borrower has subscribed to it.

Amount and duration of a Project Financing.

The Project Financing is framed by the Consumer Code, which defines a minimum and maximum duration and amount. As such, it allows you to borrow from € 1,000 to € 75,000 with Sky Credit. As for the repayment period, it ranges between 6 and 84 months.

Generally, the first monthly payment occurs 30 days after the funds are made available. The exact date of withdrawal of this monthly payment is stipulated in the contract. The organization granting you the funding can also grant you a payment deferral of 2 to 6 months, but this is not systematic.

Good to know: a fixed interest rate.