Clearly describe your income and expenses, especially do not forget to indicate all your current credits. Good faith is an essential condition of trust. . Carefully check your repayment capacity before you commit, before fixing the repayment period or before fixing the monthly repayment amount. Everything to succeed my request for credit as soon as possible.

Who can subscribe to a credit? To apply for a credit, the borrower must meet certain conditions :

  • Be major (Be a adult),
  • Have regular income.

Your request has been sent, your request will be taken into account and you will receive a reply in the shortest time possible.


Step 1:

  • Formulate your application online.
  • You will receive an immediate response with your credit settings.
  • Confirm credit settings.
  • Send the necessary documents by email, fax or WhatsApp to constitute your loan file.

Your file is sent to the department of analysis for verification of your data.
If your file is rejected after the analysis, the procedure will stop.
If your file is accepted after the analysis, you will continue the procedure with the step 2.

Step 2:

  • Verification of your data by our specialists to ensure that all are correct.
  • Constitution of your file.
  • Saving your file.

Étape 3:

  • Transferring your file to the bank to transfer funds to your account.
  • You will receive the loan agreement.
  • You will sign the loan agreement.